Specialized Equipment


CEI offers an aerial truck in our fleet to reach most commercial/industrial lighting applications

We are able to access heights of up to 60ft with an articulating boom to reach over facilities or obstacles


We specialize in

• Parking lot lighting repairs

• Lamp & ballast changes

• Underground conduit or wiring repairs

• Concrete light pole replacement or repairs


CEI also can deploy any of our scissor or articulating lifts for specific lighting installations or repairs

Our lifts can extend from a minimum of 15′ to a maximum of 65′


Our specialized underground tracing equipment can quickly locate and diagnose underground cable damage & more

We can isolate depth & location, then determine the best & most efficient plan to repair the problem

Underground tracing equipment can identify through any surface (concrete, asphalt etc.)


Our state-of-the-art electrical analyzation equipment can be installed on your electrical system to monitor any problems or simply determine your electrical consumption (usage).

If your facility is experiencing problems, our equipment can also identify:

• Voltage spikes & dips (utility or internally)

• Brown out conditions

• Voltage drops

• Building amperage usage (per phase)

• Power factor adjustments


Our equipment is installed on your system for a minumum of a week and up to a month (depending on the problem)

We will then analyze compiled data & discuss with you. We will also offer a CD version (hard copy) for your records.

Once the problem is isolated, we can then propose the best & most efficient solutions. We can also work with utility companies if it is determined the problem is on their end.